Independent, interdependent, emerged and emerging.

We’ve recently seen a dramatic shift in oil prices and the outlook for emerging markets.

While the near term volatility of oil prices is unpredictable, the long term prospects of emerging markets are more profound. In our December issue of RedBag Insight, we talk about how emerging markets are already home to the majority of the world’s population as well as the majority of the world’s economic growth.

This is long term and sustainable trend. Between 1980 and 2010, developed economies added 160 million non-farm jobs, while emerging economies generated 900 million. Let’s think about that math.

I hope you enjoy our recent issue. Wish everyone the best for the holidays and coming year and as always welcome your views.


The 60 Second Skim: 
RedBag Insight December 2014: Emerging Markets Set a New Course

The flow of money from developed markets in and out of emerging economies has established a record of upside excess and downside stresses. Recently, emerging economies have taken things into their own hands, creating institutions, alliances and cooperative enterprises that could get them past their dependence on developed economy resources. As these emerging economies develop their own “financial architecture,” they will be on more solid footing, leading to important implications for business owners and investors alike.


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