Print is DEAD.  Or at least that is what seems to pass as the consensus opinion of many across the media industry the past few years, and with 400 newspaper closings in the last five years, it seems like a logical statement.  It’s been twenty years since the Palo Alto Weekly became the first newspaper to publish all its content on the Web and about fifteen years since Craigslist began its expansion across the US, helping to accelerate pressures on the newspaper industry.  

Print-first newspapers and magazines continue the search for a successful and profitable formula for online journalism, with mixed success.  A new generation of online and mobile-first journalism sites are experimenting with new approaches in an attempt to jumpstart a new era for journalism, and they appear to be having some success.  

In this month’s edition of Red Bag Insight, we take a closer look at these developments before coming to the conclusion that the outlook for the journalism industry just might be the brightest it has been in years.  As investors, how can we make money off this?  As business owners, how will this impact how we reach customers?  As consumers, what will our options look like in the future?  Good questions….we’d be interested in hearing your thoughts after reading…..

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